Today, we begin a new collection from the HVAC-Talk ‘Wall of Shame.’
These photos show HVAC hack jobs by the worst of the worst: the “unprofessionals” hired on the cheap to repair or install air conditioning and furnace systems.

The photos are submitted to HVAC-Talk’s “Wall of Shame” by the good contractors who are called in to make it safe and right.

They’ll never find it up here…
Artietech was visiting a friend, and found this in the attic. Both the fresh air intake and the flue pipe tied together. A new installation.

Homeowner’s association was going to call the installing contractor.

“the true cost of hring the cheap company.”

These four photos are from a large home in Toronto, with two 100,000 BTU furnaces.
He says the home inspector found 30 violations before he got to the front door.

“Installers put in an 1-1/4-in. feed, we sized 2-in.” he writes. “My favorite is the water line through the fireplace termination.”

it cost $40,000 to fix just the heating system, considerably more than it would have originally cost to put in.

Comments by other contractors:

“Carflex drain line, lol. Craig’s list install, or moonlighting hacks.”
“Just goes to show you get what you pay for.”
“I would be surprised if the ‘hackasaurus’ that did that install even pulled a permit”.
“And i thought i have seen some idiot installs. This takes the cake. It’s FAIL big time.”

“Customer had been using one of those washable filters for the past 10 years. As a result, the evaporator was clogged with fine dust and icing over. Had no choice but to pull it out completely and clean it.”



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