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The Most Functional Kitchen Sink Yet

The Most Functional Kitchen Sink Yet
Create a highly functional kitchen workstation with the KOHLER® Prolific sink and its included accessories. This innovative stainless-steel sink features three graduated ledges in the basin, so you can place the bamboo cutting board, multipurpose grated racks (two), colander, and washbin exactly where you want them for maximum efficiency as you work. The sink comes with all five accessories included. Other features include a unique cone-shaped drain for easier cleanup and SilentShield® sound absorption for less noise.

Come by our new Kitchen And Bath Showroom to see our Prolific Display as pictured below.

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Add Some Farmhouse Charm To Your Kitchen

Add Some Farmhouse Charm To Your Kitchen
Add some farmhouse charm to your kitchen with KOHLER® Whitehaven kitchen sink. Now available at the new Burleson Plumbing & Heating Kitchen and Bath Showroom.

With incredible quality, thoughtful design and a gorgeous range of materials and colors, you can’t go wrong with a KOHLER® sink.

Our wide assortment offers a variety of sizes and configurations so you can create a functional space that will look beautiful for years to come.



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Choreograph Shower Wall and Accessories

Choreograph by Kohler
Maybe it’s cluttered. Unorganized. Imperfect. But we make do. Day in day out, we navigate around the shower caddy, we contort our bodies to accommodate an unforgiving space when we shave and we cover our floors and ledges with shampoo and conditioner bottles. Why? Because it’s the way we’ve always showered.

Your shower dance, the way you move and flow in your daily shower ritual, can be so much better. Introducing the Choreograph™ shower wall and accessory collection.

Choreograph brings functionality and organization to an otherwise chaotic space. Every detail has been considered, from the shower walls in a range of colors, patterns and textures that can be customized to match your style to the innovative storage solutions that will keep any shower organized to the seating options that make showering more comfortable. This collection presents possibilities that weren’t possible before—a shower you can choreograph to your movements in a shower dance all your own.
The Choreograph collection is a comprehensive shower system that allows you to design a shower around your needs. The shower walls come in a range of colors, patterns and textures to match your style. The accessories of the collection were designed to be placed anywhere in the shower to better help you personalize and organize your space.

Visit our Kitchen and Bath Showroom page for more info.

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Our Brand New Showroom

Burleson Plumbing & Heating Co is proud to unveil its brand new showroom. Let us help with your kitchen or bath remodel project with the brands you want and the expert advice you deserve. #bphshowroom

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