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We are closing out all Maytag, Amana, and Whirlpool appliances. Come by our showroom to see all models available. Everything must go!!!






In Store Only Products – While Supplies Last

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How To – Change Your Whole House Water Filter

One of the most common plumbing items we sell to homeowners are our cartridge style whole house water filters. Because so many homes have these filters it is very common for us to be asked “How do I change this water filter?”. This post should help you properly change your water filter without to much trouble and while staying dry!

1. Figuring out the style of filter you have.

We sell two types of cartridge style filters so first you need to decide which you have as the steps are a little different for both. The pictures below show the two styles.

Style 1: A basic filter with NO valve in head. These filters have a red pressure relief button on the top.

Style 2: A valve in head filter. These filters have a valve built into the head so that you can turn the water to “On”, “Off”, or “Bypass”

2. Cutting the water off and releasing pressure.

Filter style 1: There should be a valve somewhere before the filter is installed. If it is not close by you may need to turn the water off to the whole house.
Filter style 2: With this filter you do not have to cut the water off but doing so can relieve some pressure and make it easier to turn the filter to bypass.

3.  Removing the clear filter housing.

Unscrew housing. (Sometimes it can be hard to get the housing off. Use the wrench that came with the filter or a strap wrench.) Remove large O-ring, wipe it clean, and set aside. Many people do not realize that the black O-ring is in the threads of the filter. Don’t throw the O-ring our with the filter.

4.  Removing the old filter and cleaning [...]

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Remembering Lloyd Burleson

The Burleson Plumbing & Heating Company is saddened with the passing of its owner and founder, Lloyd Burleson. Lloyd’s passing brings much sadness and  sorrow to us all. I hope that today everyone will reflect on his extraordinary life and the many ways he made our community a better place. We at Burleson’s share the great privilege and responsibility of carrying his legacy into the future. Thank you Lloyd for all that you have done for us in the Burleson Plumbing and Heating family.


Please feel free to comment below with stories and memories of Lloyd.

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Broan Big Heat Portable Heater

The Broan Big Heat compact heater has a rugged steel construction and is perfect for heating a small room, thawing frozen pipes, and warming up after a cold winter day. Big box stores are selling these heaters for nearly $100. Get yours at Burleson Plumbing and Heating company today for $57.00.

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Best Ever Deal On Carbon Water Filters!

We have worked out a deal on Carbon Water Filters that is truly unreal! For a limited time only we will be selling a 2 Pack of 5 Micron Whole House Omni Filters for only $6.99 in the store and for $24.00 + Shipping for three 2 Packs on our online store. It is a 5 micron carbon filter with a flow rate of 5 gpm.  It reduces, sediment, chlorine taste and odor.  It is roughly 2.5″ x 9.75″. Omnifilter Brand. Normally these filters have been priced at $6.48 for one filter so act now! Bulk pricing/shipping is also available.

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Want to see the ground work for radiant heat?

Have you ever wondered what the foundation of radiant floor heat looks like? Well we took a few pictures for you to look at of one of our recent jobs. Radiant floor heating (RFH) involves installing water-heated tubing under your home’s floors. With an RFH system, the heat from the floor warms everything it touches and radiates throughout the room from the ground up. Check it out!

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8 Best Home Owner Tips For Cold Weather

First, It is always a good idea to insulate any exposed pipes. Key places to look: the attic, crawl spaces, outside walls or unfinished basements. When it comes to insulation more insulation means more protection. Use blanket insulation, insulation strips and foam pipe insulation.
Be on the lookout for cracks or crevices where air can get in. Air movement is the number one cause of frozen pipes in pump houses, crawl spaces, and basements. If you find any, insulate well or use caulk or Great Stuff foam sealant to fill the cracks.
If the temperatures are dropping extremely low allow your water to drip out of a couple of faucets. By allowing the faucets to drip, you are reducing the pressure behind any ice that may have built up. If the dripping ceases leave the faucets open. There may be a section of frozen pipe, but there will be no pressure built up behind it to make it burst.
If pipes are on an outside wall in a cabinet they may be at risk for freezing. Here is an easy fix: open any cabinet doors that house piping. Frozen pipes can be prevented by letting a room’s warmer air reach them.
Don’t turn down the thermostat, especially at night. Most people like to allow the temperature in the house to lower and snuggle up with more blankets. The coldest times tend to be through the night so make sure you have significant heat in the house while you sleep.
Before temperatures drop, disconnect all garden hoses and drain the water from the short pipe that leads to the outside tap. Make sure to install a outside spigot with a vacuum breaker to prevent the faucet [...]

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Spider/Bug Problem?

Do you have problems with spiders hanging out around you doors, window, decks, or kids play area? For around 20 bucks you can get rid of this pesky little problem. The Bengal Roach Spray at Burleson Plumbing & Heating is a odorless, non staining, insect killer that is incredibly effective. It may not say the word spider of the can but I can personally testify that it will get rid of them. We are now stocking the Giant Economy Size 16 oz can that can last up to 2 years. Simply spray around the windows and doors of your home once or twice a year and the spiders will vanish.

Water Saving Tips

Water is something that a lot of us do not think of as a limited resource. It is so easy to just turn on a tap and get a glass of water. We think that because it is being recycled through the earths natural water cycle and so much of the Earth is covered with water that we don’t need to be concerned.
However, less than 1% of water on Earth can be used becuase the rest of the planets water is salty or frozen. Saving water is good for not only your wallet but also the earth, your family, and your community. Here are some tips for saving water and how much water you will save daily:

Replace higher flow showerheads (those installed prior to 1993) with low flow showerheads (5 Gallons)
Shorten your shower time by 2 minutes (5 Gallons)
Fill the bathtub only half full when taking a bath (5 Gallons)
Fix leaking toilets (2 Gallons)
Replace older, inefficient toilets (those installed prior to 1993) (8 Gallons)
Fix dripping faucets (2 Gallons)
Replace high flow sink aerators with low flow sink aerators (4 Gallons)
Turn off the water while brushing your teeth (2 Gallons)
Don’t leave the water running while shaving (4 Gallons)
Scraping instead of rinsing your dishes by hand before putting them in the dishwasher (6 Gallons)
Limit dishwashing to one full load a day or fewer (2 Gallons)
Make a compost pile instead of using the garbage disposal (2 Gallons)
Keep a pitcher of cold water to drink in the fridge instead of running the faucet (4 Gallons)
Replace washing machine with high efficiency EnergyStar model (5 Gallons)
Cut back by one load of laundry a week (4 Gallons)

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The Right Tube For Any Job!

We are now carrying a full line of Sashco caulk and sealant products. Whether you’re looking to repair a cracked driveway, fix a leaky gutter, or recaulk your bathtub, Sashco has the right caulk for you.   When it comes to sealants, picking the right product for the job is critical.  That’s why we have a complete line of solutions specifically formulated for your success.

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