This is the coldest temperatures we have seen since 1994 and undoubtedly we are getting calls left and right about no heat and frozen water. Here are some tips for this extreme cold.
If your water is frozen there is an area of piping that is exposed to cold temperatures. Places to check would be at the well head, crawl space/basement, or an area exposed outside that isn’t buried. Keep in mind that before you insulate that the pipes must be thawed. ┬áIf it is at the well head grab some blanket insulation ($1.41 per foot – usually need 4-5 ft). If it is a pipe in a basement or crawl space then get some foam pipe insulation ($.82 per foot) and wrap the pipes as well as bringing the temperature up in that area as much as you can with heat lamps, space heaters, or even heat tape ($28.00 for 12 ft length). If a pipe is exposed outside it can be very difficult to fix. Really the pipes need to be buried AT LEAST 18″ – 24″. For more advice or answers to questions call us at 828-765-4042.frozen