This is the coldest temperatures we have seen since 1994 and undoubtedly we are getting calls left and right about no heat and frozen water. Here are some tips for this extreme cold.
Most heat pumps will have to run non stop to overcome the cold weather. If the heat pump can not bring the heat up to the thermostat temperature the emergency heat will then come on. These heating coils should bring the heat up quicker however they will use more electricity. If you have any alternative sources of heat such as a fireplace, wood stove, gas logs, monitor or even a infrared heater it would be wise to run them in this weather to help heat your home. We sell infrared heaters ($195) and some propane space heaters (as low as $97) however be careful with the propane space heaters as they could be a fire hazard.1524670_10100994938911538_1481768283_n