Enjoy a Career That Is Rewarding & Provides an Incredible Future for Your Family!

Why do you work for a living? Sure, you have bills to pay—but ideally, we all work to provide a better future for our families. How proud would you feel if you could pay for your children’s college? Wouldn’t it be nice to retire young and babysit your grandkids? Or be in the financial position to take all of your kids and grandkids on vacations each year? Think of the memories! What’s that? These goals are just NOT possible? Well, they could be if you join our company! We believe in offering all of our employees:

  • Very Best Pay & Benefits!
  • Bonuses
  • Industry-Best Training!
  • Job Security
  • Advancement Opportunities!
  • Excellent Company Culture!

We are seeking hard-working, high-character, highly ethical, highly motivated people to add to our team. We have a variety of positions open from sales to technicians to office staff. We believe in finding the right people and giving them the right skills to thrive!

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These are the the career opportunists open to you today.

  • HVAC Technician 

    Job Summary – Supervises and coordinates the installation maintenance, repair, and service of building heating, ventilating, air conditioning, and refrigeration equipment.

Minimum Requirements:

Must have refrigeration license. Must have a high school diploma or equivalent. Must have a current and valid North Carolina driver’s license.

  • Lead Plumber

Job Summary – Supervises, coordinates and ensures the effectiveness of plumbing systems in installation, maintenance, repair and replacement of building plumbing systems while overseeing the tasks and duties of the plumbing assistant.

Minimum Requirements:

Must have prior experience with rough in plumbing and knowledge of North Carolina Plumbing Codes. Must have a high school diploma or equivalent. Must keep aligned with the changing developments in techniques in relevant fields. Must have a current and valid North Carolina driver’s license.